1. Prices and payment

1.1 Each level of German courses in KS++ includes 200 hours and the course fee is € 469.00 /level. For the successful reservation of the study position the fees should be paid with the application.
1.2 Bank charges arising from payment of course fees must be borne by the students.
1.3 For applications from abroad (EU countries excluded) € 150.00 processing fee will be required for the preparation of the necessary documents.
1.4 A confirmation of the course application is only issued after the successful registration and the payment.

2. Cancellation

2.1 If a student cancels a course, the course fee paid can only be refunded if the student observes certain deadlines when submitting his or her cancellation. The cancellation note has to be submitted in writing. The following fees will be retained for each course:
a) Cancellation up to 14 days before the start of the course: 150, – Euro.
b) Cancellation up to 7 days before the start of the course: 200, – Euro.
c) After that no refund is possible.

For the successful application of the visa there is no refund available.

3. Postponing of courses

3.1 If a student postpones a course, which had already been booked, the following deadlines and fees apply for each course:
a) First postponing up to 14 days before the course: no fees
b) Second postponing up to 14 days before the course: 150, – Euro.

4. Conditions with no refund

4.1 If a student who has made only the advance payment does not appear in class until the second day of the course without being excused., KS++ has the right to give the course place to another student. In this case, course fees are non-refundable. If a student fails to appear, the total fee for the course has to be paid.
4.2 If a student is unable to complete or attend a course for personal reasons (e.g. illness, difficulties with the residence permit, professional or private obligations), he/she is neither entitled to a reimbursement of course fees nor to the participation in a language course at later date.
4.3 If the participant certification is used to apply for the visa to come to Germany. There is no refund in the case of the successful visa application.

5. Participation obligations

5.1 To register, a copy of the identity card or passport of the students must be presented.
5.2 The course participant must ensure that his stay in Germany is legal. KS++ requires a valid visa and residence permit for the course duration.
5.3 The student is responsible to complete a health, accident, liability and property insurance. KS++ accepts no liability in this area.
5.4 With the signature the students agree to the terms and conditions and entitled to be the members of KS++.

6.  Schedules

6.1 For the registration the students should fill the expected schedule for the course.
6.2 Except A1 (German for beginners), students are required to submit the certificates that they already have and attend an assessment test of KS++. The final classification is based on a review of participants’ preview German knowledge.
6.3 If the results of the assessment test differs from the initial German certificate, the student will be assigned a study position in the corresponding level course.
6.4 KS++ reserves the right to cancel courses with insufficient number of participants or combine courses of the same level.

7. Liabilities

7.1 KS++ is not liable for the failure of its services due to force majeure or for other reasons not attributable to him.
7.2 The student shall be liable for all damage culpably caused by him.

8. Privacy

8.1 The participant agrees that his data (e.g. name, home address, address in Germany, nationality, date and place) are recorded electronically by KS++. KS++ agrees not to make any non-conforming use of these data.