German course B2

B2 – Independent language use: Can understand the main content of complex texts on concrete and abstract topics; also understands technical discussions in his own specialty. Can communicate so fluently and spontaneously that a normal conversation with native speakers is possible without any great effort on both sides. Can express himself clearly and in detail on a wide range of subjects, explain a point of view on a topical issue, and indicate the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

Intensive German courses B2 – 2021 and 2022 – Schedule and Prices 

KS++ intensive German course B2, Face-to-Face Course, Live Online German B2

  • ca. 180 UE* in 8 weeks (*1 UE = 45 min.), included intern B2 Exam and B2Certificate at the end of the course
  • face-to-face in our school or live online (with ZOOM)
  • Course time: every Workday from 9 am to 1 pm
  • B2, Price: 539 EUR

courseBegin of the course
End of the course
B209.05.202201.07.2022539 EUR
B211.07.202226.08.2022539 EUR
B229.08.202221.10.2022539 EUR
B224.10.202216.12.2022539 EUR
B209.01.202303.03.2023539 EUR
B227.02.202314.04.2023539 EUR
B215.05.202307.07.2023539 EUR
B210.07.202331.08.2023539 EUR
B218.09.202303.11.2023539 EUR
B223.10.202315.12.2023539 EUR


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